Hi Polly


Rant. Rave. Complain. Moan.
Get angry, sad, emotional. Say what you think. Say what you feel. Say what you need to.

Polly’s helpline is a safe space where you can do all of these things or none of them. It’s totally up to you.

Polly was started by the founders of CALM, a helpline for men and boys. It was through this work that the need for a helpline for women was identified, and subsequently Polly has taken shape.

In a world where navigating the online abyss seems terrifying, and especially as a young woman, it is so empowering and encouraging to find charities being created whose main aim, and purpose, is to build a safe space for women to talk openly, honestly and courageously about anything and everything.

Polly is run by and for women.

Polly is confidential.

Polly listens.

Polly supports.

Polly understands.

The women that work at Polly are not only trained experts but they care and they want to help.

I stumbled across Hi Polly a few weeks ago and seeing their ethos and values reminded me of how much a younger Em would have appreciated the support (whether that be online or over the phone) given by Polly. Perhaps, having had the support network provided by Polly, I would have spent a few less years convinced that I had to stay silent, convinced that I had no voice and that I wasn’t allowed to speak up – as a woman or a person.

Polly creates a space that normalises talking openly and honestly, and speaking your truth. And, for that, I’ll always be grateful to them. For creating an online space that gives, us, as women the power to use our voice.

Your voice should be heard.

Your voice will be heard.

Your voice is important.

Your voice is necessary.

And, there is always someone willing to listen to YOUR voice.

Thank you, Polly.

Love E x

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