*Trigger warning* – I briefly mention trauma, suicide & other mental health issues.

Death or death?

Whilst the rose-tinted glasses have been removed and I now realise that isn’t true, unlearning those thoughts has been — and continues to be — difficult and messy. I had based my worth & entire identity around my eating disorder.

Hi Polly

It is so empowering and encouraging to find charities being created whose main aim, and purpose, is to build a safe space for women to talk openly, honestly and courageously about anything and everything.

Another one of those …

It’s another one of ‘those‘ blogs … the dreaded SELF-CARE one. Self-care is such an overused phrase. Sad? Self-care. Happy? Self-care. Tired? Self-care. Confused? Self-care. Coffee? Self-care… I’m not sure where the coffee part came from but good coffee definitely IS self-care !! My point is, the phrase is used so often that ‘self-care’ has…

Onions !!

The world doesn’t need you, you are 1 of 8 billion. You don’t live for others, you live for yourself.

12 or 22?

The body I need to live a full, present, complete life is the body I want to call home.

10 quotes for Lockdown 3.0

‘When the big things feel out of control… focus on what you love right under your nose.’ Charlie Mackesy

Em can (me to me)

Long time no blog!! I haven’t blogged in a looOng time, I haven’t felt the urge to, or the want! Tbh, I’ve felt lost. Lost, directionless and purposeless. My brain has felt like a big ball of contradictions (do you remember those big rubber band balls.. that’s how my brain has felt recently). Exhibit A…


And, I am tired of being reduced. I am tired of following your narrative. I don’t want to reduce myself to nothing. You already did that. But, it is time for me to reclaim myself.