10 quotes for Lockdown 3.0

Sometimes quotes resonate with me in a way that my own words cannot, so I hope if you read this it gives you some reassurance, hope and comfort. You may feel it but you are not alone…


you did the best you could

in the situation you were in

with the materials you had

Blythe Baird – If My Body Could Speak

She was breaking, but she did

not wish to be broken and in

her reluctance, lied her hope

Akashni Johnson – Worth

What did you do today?

Existed quietly within myself.

What will you do tomorrow?

Exist with some degree of force.

Trista Mateer – [ redacted ]

It is not your responsibility

to save everyone.

Don’t put that kind of

pressure on yourself.

Do the best you can

to spread your light

where you can.

Jennae Cecelia – The Sun Will Rise & So Will We

If you feel like you have to be silent,

let me be the first to say you don’t.

And if you want to be quiet,

let me be the first to say that is okay.

But, make sure your silence is your


and not because you are scared

of what your voice might say.

Jennae Cecelia – Uncaged Wallflower

Your feelings are valid and real. Do not let anybody denounce them just because they do not feel the same way. These feelings do not make you weak, or clingy, or overly emotional. They make you strong, brave, and beautiful. You are not merely made of stardust; you are the comet streaking through the sky on the way to do good and bright things.

Courtney Peppernell – Pillow Thoughts

You owe no one

an explanation,

a reason,

a defence

for who you become

after you survive.

Nikita Gill – Your Soul Is A River

What I am trying to say, my darling,

is that I know you said you wouldn’t survive this day

but across our beautiful universe,

what is impossible is happening every day.

Nikita Gill – Wild Embers

how can i be so

cruel to myself

when i’m doing the best i can

– be gentle

Rupi Kaur – Home Body

“Do you have a favourite saying?” asked the boy.

“Yes” said the mole

“What is it?”

“If at first you don’t succeed, have some cake.”

“I see, does it work?”

“Every time’.

Charlie Mackesy – The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse

And, an affirmation I repeat to myself when things get a little overwhelming (I have it tattooed to my rib cage as a permanent reminder)

‘I am I am I am’

Quote says: There are all these moments you think you won’t survive. And then you survive. David Levithan.

Love E x

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