‘I make mistakes but I am not a mistake’


This quote came up on my Instagram feed the other day and it really resonated with me: ‘I make mistakes but I am not a mistake’ …

I make a lot of mistakes. I have a habit of drinking coffee hoping it will give me energy. I spend way too much money on sweet chilli beetroot, I annoy my little sister, I don’t get 100% on my exams, I get confused easily (blah blah BlahH).

But this quote reminded me that making mistakes does not mean that I am a mistake. My life wasn’t a mistake. My worth isn’t defined by my mistakes.

In the past, I’ve found it difficult to believe that my life wasn’t just one massive mistake, one big mess (I am a mess lol but not my point, especially my hair atm gosh I keep forgetting to brush it – #lockdownissues) but that’s not true. Making mistakes, getting things wrong, that only makes you human.

Part of being human means that we are not perfect. I am not perfect. Part and parcel of being human means that we change. I change. We change because we are constantly learning. Mistakes teach us things (eg, if you don’t brush your hair, knots are inevitable) and they encourage us to change. I am changing. And with change comes growth. If we try to stop the change from happening in our lives, we stop growing, we become stuck. Every day we are faced with choices and circumstances, easy and difficult. If we back away from them, we will stay in the same place and limit ourselves. If we stay stuck, we aren’t living.

‘Drum sounds rise on the air,

and with them, my heart.

A voice inside the beat says,

I know you are tired,

but come.

This is the way.

Mistakes bring change, and change brings growth. I’m a little human, making mistakes, changing myself and growing because of it. So, this very short but sweet quote is a reminder to you, a reminder to me…

You are not a mistake. Your life is not a mistake.

We make mistakes. But that doesn’t mean we are a mistake.

I am not a mistake.

Love E x

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